Chocolate thing that the Dutch put on their bread, instead of the more nutritious and healthy Nutella.

Of course, if you are a geek it is also the name of a Gnutella client written by some amusing people in Delft.

It has no GUI. It can be run as a daemon, as a console client or as a router (in a very extended sense of router).
Runs on Linux.

Dutch sandwich topping that consists of small pellets of chocolate (diameter 0.5 to 1 mm, length 2 to 5 mm). Non-Dutch people migtht have encountered the stuff as decoration on chocolate cake. When using it on your bread make sure to use butter, too, to prevent the hagelslag from falling off.

Hagelslag is available in many flavours: milk chocolate, plain chocolate, white chocolate, mocha... there is even something called vruchtenhagel ("fruit hail") that looks like hagelslag only in yellow, pink and orange. Or green (apple flavour, yuck). This stuff has nothing to do with chocolate OR fruit, but consists of sugar and food colouring.

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