Stroopwafels are Dutch cookies: round, flat waffles, with syrup in the middle. Cinnamon and brown sugar give them a delicious taste.

Some translations into English I have seen are: treacle waffle, syrup waffle, stroopwaffle and stroopwaffel.

The first stroopwafels were made in the town of Gouda, also known for its cheese. The first stroopwafel has been made by accident, around 1800.

Some Dutch band is, for some obscure reason, called the Amazing Stroopwafels. I find this name somewhat less funny than De Band Zonder Banaan (the band without a banana).

This last name is obviously a reference to the zangeres zonder naam ( the lady singer without a name (the suffix -es in 'zangeres' marking femininity))

a secret trick:

The nicest way to eat one of these addictive morsels is with a cup of tea. Use a smallish mug and put the stroopwafel on the top of the mug as the tea steeps. After a few minutes, flip it over.

The result is a perfectly softened gooey melty drooley delicacy that tastes way better than when eaten room temperature. Not as good as freshly made in a Dutch outdoor market, but the best way to eat the packaged ones.

Even more perfect if you've just smoked a little spliff, but it's harder to wait until the stroop melts.

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