I saw this on the menu at the Prince of Wales pub in San Mateo, California. I have a fairly high tolerance for spicy food, so I figured I could take this thing on. My friend had told me that this thing reamed him, but I was brave and was sure I could handle it. Covering the wall was picture of the brave few who were able to eat the whole thing. I wanted my photo up on that wall, so I too could live in infamy. When you order one of these things, they ask you to sign a waiver so they aren't liable for any suffering/digestive problems you might have, and warn you that there are no refunds. I eagerly sign my life away. You also receive a "I Survived the Habanero Hamburger" bumper sticker.

When I receive my burger, I had a look at it before taking a bite. This thing was smothered with habanero sauce, like it was ketchup or something. I took a big bite. GODDAMN! That's a spicy-a meatball. I figured I could handle it though. I took another bite. Everyone in the bar was cheering me on, encouraging me to continue. With each bite I took the painful spiciness ate away at my tongue and stomach even worse. Sweat was dripping down my forehead. My face was bright red. It hurt so bad! I wussed out after 5 bites, which was about half of it. Too bad.

All this talk about habanero burgers makes me want to go get another one.

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