A curved piece of plastic found on the soles of soap shoes. It has a special shape to perfectly fit the shoe - shaped like a flat "C." The removable variety has three holes for screws, arranged in a triangular formation. (A fixed plate, attached by melting or gluing, cannot be removed from the shoe.) Used to slide along ledges, benches, waxed curbs, and rails.

Another name for the Grind Plate, this time on Aggressive Roller Blades - The H-Block (shaped conveniently like an H and inserted into the gap between the 2nd and 3rd wheel) - Skaters will use this block for bottom-of-the-feet grinds such as the frontside and the royal. The H-Block is best used on waxed surfaces or rails, not on curbs. Rollerblades often have additional grind plates called the souls which are used for grinds such as the Soul Grind and the miszou.

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