Soap Shoes are special shoes with a plastic grind plate on the sole of the shoe, so grinds can be pulled off on whatever convenient object happens to be around. (A grind is a lateral slide on an object.) There are two different types of grind plates: removable and non-removable. The removable plate has three holes in it in which screws can be inserted in triangular form. Both varieties of soap shoes are highly suited to running, and a special gap is placed between the plate and the two sole sections keep friction from wearing away at the shoe. The non-removable plate, however, may have this problem, due to being fixed in the shoe. All soap shoes have ties; none are with Velcro straps.

To sport a grind:

  1. Build momentum by either walking or running towards a designated grind spot, such as a bench, rail, or curb.
  2. Jump up slightly above the designated grind spot, maintaining momentum.
  3. Land with your feet parallel to the grind spot. Nothing but the grind plate should be touching the surface of the grind spot.
  4. Balance your weight in an approximately 60/40 weight distribution (back leg to front leg).
  5. Be sure to maintain lateral balance by leaning into your forward momentum, so as not to topple to the ground.
  6. Once you reach the end of the grind spot, shift your balance to an even 50/50 weight distribution.
  7. Jump - not fall - off the grind spot.
  8. Land the grind and come to a stop.

Soap Shoes can be purchased at, and may be available at Foot Locker, but since soap shoes are rapidly becoming an endangered species, they may no longer be available at any brick-and-mortar stores.

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