The euphemism that I use for rubber dam when explaining it to my patients.
The most common colour (the ONLY colour) of rubber dam used in my practice is green. But I have seen blue and grey too.
Ours is mint flavoured, but my favourite is the dark green bubble gum flavoured dam.

A brand of modelling putty used by Games Workshop customers and people of a similar ilk. It comes as a strip that is yellow on one side and blue on the other. It is generally agreed that a 60-40 ratio of yellow to blue is practical.

Green stuff is usually used for small pieces of models, or filling in gaps. Occasionally an adept modeller will make something more interesting from it. It takes about an hour to dry, and a day to set hard.

There is an art to using green stuff, an art I have not mastered. It is the most infuriating bloody substance on the planet.

I am told it is similar to Milliput.

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