Glasers, sometimes called Safety Slugs, are bullets that are constructed so they cannot be fired through a typical (sheetrock or gypsum board) wall. I don't like the term Safety Slug, because it conveys a false sense of security.

The construction of a glaser is as follows:

 |                |    \
 |                |     \
 |                | 2  /o\
 |      1         |   /ooo\
 |                |   \ooo/ 3
 |                |    \o/
 |                |     /

 1. Shell casing with gunpowder
 2. Soft thin-walled lead, copper jacketed
 3. Plastic or composite tip cap
 o  Lead shot or pellets

Typical house wall construction:
             ||   ||
             || A ||
             || I ||
             || R ||
             ||   ||
             || G ||
             || A ||
             || P ||
Room 1                    Room 2
             ^    ^
          sheetrock wall

If this round is fired at a wall, the first layer of sheetrock will be penetrated, but the projectile will disintegrate. Theoretically, by the time the pieces reach the next layer of sheetrock in the wall they will not be able to penetrate it.

If the projectile hits a human target, the results are:

" if you had taken a shotgun, pushed the barrel into the target and pulled the trigger. It creates a large cone-shaped wound."

quoted from the packaging of Blue Glasers.

When fired, the bullet portion is separated from the shell casing. It is propelled towards the target by the igniting gasses from the gunpowder. When the plastic tip hits an object, it shatters and releases the lead shot and fragments the thin-walled lead projectile container. If it hits a human in the stomach, for example, it will heavily damage the tissue just like the packaging describes. If it hits a wall, the kinetic energy is easily absorbed by the second layer of sheetrock.

Why would someone choose this type of ammunition? If you have a gun for self-defense and you live in an apartment, or you have kids in the next room when an intruder attacks, your shot (if you miss the intruder) will not penetrate the wall and kill an innocent bystander. Regular ball rounds will easily pass through a wall and kill someone on the other side.

When I lived in a bad part of town in San Diego, I kept a handgun with a clip of glasers and a clip of ball rounds. It is possible to literally blow a limb off of a person with the .45 caliber version of the glaser, and if someone broke in to harm my family, I would not hesitate to stop them. Glasers are nasty, but they stop the intruder fast. Ball rounds can wound them but pass through, allowing them to continue to attack.

Weapons like handguns and glasers are nothing to be trifled with. If you are considering getting a set (they usually come in sets of six), I would suggest you take one round and fire it at a pumpkin. It is not pretty; actually it will give you a sickening feeling in your stomach. Realize that guns are dangerous, and keep them locked away from any children. Maintain your weapon, and get training on its use.

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