Gentry is something new school "ladies" have started to call themselves. It stands for Girl Embracing Nostalgic Traditions Radically (one letter short of a real acronym).

This is the modern version of the social princess. They believe being a "lady" has nothing to do with feminine weakness. Basically, that one can have proper table manners, and not have it interfere with her independence.

Gen"try (?), n. [OE. genterie, gentrie, noble birth, nobility, cf. gentrise, and OF. gentelise, genterise, E. gentilesse, also OE. genteleri high-mindedness. See Gent, a., Gentle, a.]


Birth; condition; rank by birth.

[Obs.] "Pride of gentrie."


She conquers him by high almighty Jove, By knighthood, gentry, and sweet friendship's oath. Shak.


People of education and good breeding; in England, in a restricted sense, those between the nobility and the yeomanry.



Courtesy; civility; complaisance.


To show us so much gentry and good will. Shak.


© Webster 1913.

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