Fully qualified domain name of the host.

For example, the fully qualified domain name for host '' used to be, back when this writeup was written, 'everything.blockstackers.com.' (there's a dot in the end, but it isn't used in casual form of addresses) while the host name the folks at blockstackers are probably referring to most often is just 'everything'.

A Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) is part of the DNS system in TCP/IP. DNS computer names consist of several parts:


As an example, let's use Dem Bone's theoretical computer terminal located in the Everything2 secret underground compound. His computer name is BONES, and he is on the GODS part of the EVERYTHING2 domain, which is part of the top-level domain of COM (normally .com, .net or .org, for argument's sake).

If you were to look at the fully qualified domain name of that particular computer, it would be:


That's it... from the individual computer to the top-level domain, with the host on the left and the top-level domain on the right.

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