Yesterday you shaved and today there are little red bumps that look like pimples along your skin. Last week you went to a waterpark and wearing those wet, heavy clothes in the sun all day has left an unpleasant rash in the nooks and crannies of your body.

Welcome to folliculitis, friend! A brand of staph infection, folliculitis occurs when the hair follicles and skin become inflamed and infected. Good and well it has a name, you say, but it hurts.

I know, shhh. We'll make it better. Don't worry. The two most common ways to attract that mean ole Staphylococcus aureus are by shaving and hot tubbing. Does that mean you should never shave again? Never take a rest in a bubbling jacuzzi? Not necessarily. Here's what happens:

You use a dirty razor, or you cut against the growth of the hair. Razor burn would be the mildest consequence. Or let's say you sit in a hot, steamy, wet, bacteria-infested jacuzzi and the little buggers find their way to your most sensitive never-see-daylight areas of skin. You get the picture.

Fear not: folliculitis is superficial. That means, it'll go away quickly and without lasting damage if you just take care of it. Apply an antifungal cream, or take antibiotics of some sort (from a physician). Avoid shaving the area until the bumps have gone away and your skin has healed itself. Wash any clothing or towels that have come into contact with the area, to eliminate risk of reinfection. Ladies, if you're finding this problem under your arms, you need to wash your bras more often. Last but not least, keep the area clean and dry if possible.

Glory be to webMD!

Heh. Heheh. That rhymed.

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