follicle: a small cavity, sac, or gland, such as a hair follicle or ovarian follicle. The latter secretes hormones, estrogen and progestin, that regulate the menstrual cycle. See also graafian follicle.

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Fol"li*cle (?), n. [L. folliculus a small bag, husk, pod, dim of follis bellows, an inflated ball, a leathern money bag, perh. akin to E. bellows: cf. F. follicule. Cf. 2d Fool.]

1. Bot.

A simple podlike pericarp which contains several seeds and opens along the inner or ventral suture, as in the peony, larkspur and milkweed.

2. Anat. (a)

A small cavity, tubular depression, or sac; as, a hair follicle.


A simple gland or glandular cavity; a crypt.


A small mass of adenoid tissue; as, a lymphatic follicle.


© Webster 1913.

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