When I'd read I was a one-man trance machine, I was a bit amused. Trance? No way. There were a few good laughs around the Audiogalaxy BBS about that, but I felt a bit defeated. I am finding that my music is getting thrown into genres and its frustrating. I can only imagine how a trance listener would be if they chose to download my music as well.

I'm not a man and I don't make Drum and Bass anymore, either.

elleinad is Danielle spelled backwards. duh!

She lives in the great white north of Canada. She seems like a very cool cat, even though I have not met her. She is the SOLE REASON I don't share the jest of Canada and Canadian people. How can one person give me such respect for the great nation of Canada? elleinad is the inspiration for me to create my own music.

In early 1999 a friend touched me with the sound of elleinad. I liked it a lot. It inspired me to make my own sound with software like Sonic Foundry's Sound Forge and Acid. I was soon making my own tracks at home and with others in their studios. One of the most exhilarating feelings in the world is seeing your name on vinyl while digging in a record bin at a DJ store.

As ian c rogers says, 'music is the best. have some'.

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