01:53:58: kaatunut: EDEV: psst, there's somewhere hiding a little javascript snippet that you can add to your toolbar (IE and netscape versions exist), it'll search a node without softlinking, and find non-e2nodes that normal search doesn't too.

15:57:49: Byzantine: EDEV: Strangeness--I was killing the first writeup in node lung, but I'd accidentally clicked one of the voting buttons on the 2nd wu; when I got back to the node after killing it, the vote on the 2nd wu registered. At no time did I hit Vote

17:41:50: anotherone: EDEV: the Killing Floor button works as a vote button. I like it that way- I usually put an upvote in for nuke requested stuff that way.

20:45:19: Eraser_: EDEV: are double-quotes supposed to come up in the search box as "? (" i dunno how this is gonna show up, but the escape double quotes)? "Fezisms Generator" does it...

23:24:32: atesh: EDEV: Are we working on something new, N-wing? Something in the other users?

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