This is the usergroup for Everythingians who are playing City of Heroes, a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game in which players create their own superheroes and patrol the city to keep the citizens safe from criminals, gangsters, robots, zombies, evil wizards, Nazis, and supervillains of all kinds.

Several members of E2 have joined forces in City of Heroes as the Heroes of E2, dedicated to Truth, Justice, and the Everythingian Way. If you'd like to join us, we hang out on CoH's Infinity server.

If you are a City of Heroes player and would like to join this usergroup, please send Jet-Poop a message, and he'll be glad to sign you up.

Now to stop that missile before it DESTROYS THE CITY!

Venerable members of this group:

Jet-Poop, bane221, Habakkuk, jacob8er, siouxsie, Pantsless Bob, Damodred, Dain, Evil Catullus, Kalon, chaotic_poet, grundoon, The Excogitator, Zach
This group of 14 members is led by Jet-Poop