Radio rush hour time slots. Frequent traffic/weather updates, and an ethos
(especially on music radio) that's perkier/poppier than other hours.
"Morning drive" has institutions like Don Imus or Howard Stern, or some
local Morning Zoo's cretin-spawn. "Afternoon drive" brings the RushClones, e.g. WABC's Sean Hannity, with a show so vile and adolescent, it makes Rush Limbaugh sound statesmanlike - the perfect road rage vibe after a near-postal day at the office.

The Drivetime is that sacred freeway between the Waketime and the Dreamtime. The Drivetime is where you spirit gets some wheeeeeeels and some horsepower. How much cooler would you be if your spirit had a V8 ? come to the drivetime and find out.

"Hi beauty and truth fans and welcome to Drivetime University. Coming to you live from Persephone's Rehabilitation Center for the Ecstatically Challenged. We're your naive and crafty hosts for Drivetime University -- the slippery angels serving as temporary surrogates for your higher self -- and we're proud to announce that this is a perfect moment."

-- Rob Brezsny. "The Televisionary Oracle"

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