Also the vampiric discipline of command in White Wolf's World of Darkness roleplaying games. With a spoken command, this power allows the user to exert her will on others. The lowest level of the discipline allows one-word commands to be used; higher levels permit more complicated commands, as well as memory erasure, posession, and the ability to exert will on more than one individual, among many other things. Vampires of lower generation are immune to the effects of a higher-generation vampire's Dominate.

"Dominate" is also the name of a surprisingly good (and free) online version of the classic boardgame Risk.

The site ( was developed by a Dutch student, as part of a programming course. Game setup has alot of options, like using "fog of war" and hiding the cards each player receives. Games can be set to have different time limits per turn, which prevents people from stalling (if time runs out, that player automatically loses...which means if you have an unstable connection, the game is probably going to cause you grief).

Registration is free (just involves choosing a login and password...don't even need an e-mail). There's also a general chat room, as well as individual chat rooms for each ongoing game.

The only "problem" is that a banner briefly appears across the middle of the screen every 5 minutes (to help pay for the costs of running the site). By becoming a "friend of Dominate" (ie. give some money), this banner does not appear.

As of late October 2001, the site is down due to potential copyright issues...(surprising to me that it didn't happen sooner, but unfortunate as it was a fun free game)

Dom"i*nate (?), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Dominated; p. pr. & vb. n. Dominating.] [L. dominatus, p. p. of dominari to dominate, fr. dominus master, lord. See Dame, and cf. Domineer.]

To predominate over; to rule; to govern.

"A city dominated by the ax."


We everywhere meet with Slavonian nations either dominant or dominated. W. Tooke.


© Webster 1913.

Dom"i*nate, v. i.

To be dominant.



© Webster 1913.

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