You are here to wash the dishes. You are not to talk to the customers, you are not to interact with other employees. You get no smoke breaks. You are allowed to go to the front only to put dishes away, and then you must take more into your dishwashing haven and continue your job. Because that's where you are, your job. We aren't paying you minimun wage for you to make an off-the-hip comment to your coworker that might spark a conversation. If, in the unlikely event that you have absolutely no dishes to wash (have you looked everywhere?), you will clean the sinks. By the time the sinks are clean, there should be more dishes to wash. You are our dish bitch. Welcome to Pizza Hut.

(In other words a dish bitch is an employee whose sole purpose is to wash the dishes. I believe this is the punishment for the gluttonous in the tenth circle of hell.)

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