A danger noodle is a euphemism for a snake, especially the venemous types. The name came about from an old meme that gave odd names to animals like a raccoon (trash panda) and a ferret (cat snake). 

Danger noodle stuck, and now I see them referenced as such all the time. In August I have a ring-necked black snake that gets into my roof and lays eggs in my kitchen wall. When they hatch I catch the babies and bring them outdoors. Blacksnakes are good for the environment. They eat lots of rodents and bugs and won't bother you ... that is unless you antagonize them purposefully, in which case you get what you deserve. I make sure to release the babies in spots where they'll have some shelter and where there is a lot of food and water available.

When I started posting them on my social media, everyone immediately called them danger noodles. The babies are only four inches long. I have an old coffee jar that I pop them into until I can release them safely. They are wiggly and cute, which certainly does make the term danger noodle apropos.

Iron Noder 2017

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