Baby Snakes is also the title of the 1983 soundtrack album to Frank Zappa's film mentioned above (incidentally the animator in that film was Bruce Bickford).

The short album (originally released as a picture disc) was, like the film, recorded in 1977 at one of Zappa's legendary Palladium Hallowe'en shows. The band for this show was Zappa, Adrian Belew, Terry Bozzio, Patrick O'Hearn, Roy Estrada and Tommy Mars. Most of the songs are originally from Zappa's Sheik Yerbouti album, or other mid-late 70s albums.


  1. Intro Rap
  2. Baby Snakes
  3. Titties & Beer
  4. The Black Page #2
  5. Jones Crusher
  6. Disco Boy
  7. Dinah Moe Humm
  8. Punky's Whips
The album is currently available on Rykodisc.

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