SPORT. Cricket. Undeniably the single-most important piece of armor worn by batsmen when they play cricket. These veritable devices are absolute necessities.

Seriously. I shouldn't have to tell you what is is. If you need a hint, it's very important for male batsmen.

In Australia, the cricket fanatic country, boxes (or boxii, if you please) that have been worn by sporting legends such as Sir Donald Bradsman are hung on walls for people to gape (and sniff) at. However, this does not give you an excuse to commit a heinous cricket crime

If you want kids, you wear one of these. Simple as that.

To add to Ads' comment about Sir Donald Bradman famously wearing one: in his book The Art Of Cricket he points out that they are "confidence producers", and that "If you do (bat without one), I'll defy you not to flinch when a fastish ball ... comes back sharply from the off". He's about right: when you're out on the cricket pitch, it's not a 9-inch ball of between 5.5 and 5.75 oz. It's a missile, aimed right at your head or (worse) your crotch. And it's coming at a hundred miles an hour, sometimes.

Often also called a protector or (less frequently) a cup, these are often made out of a hard plastic and are often white. They come in the same basic shape (yes, that of a gas mask) but all have slight variations. If you're still not sure what it looks like, search the Internet for a video advertising VB and starring Shane Warne - where he "hangs up his box".

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