Coterminous: An obscure term from Dungeons and Dragons Third Edition. It applies to interdimensional travel, and is the adjective to describe two planes of existence that have a portal allowing travel in-between. Another way to think of this is to use the example of two adjoining rooms. There is a doorway between them alowing you to go from the end of one, to the start of the other.

For example- To get from the Plane of Fire to the Plane of Earth, there is a single portal that has a gate on Mt. Mansiuis (on the Fire plane) and a gate in the Terran Transport Post (on the Earth Plane). They are therefore considered coterminous, because there is a form of travel that links them together.

Synonyms: Coexistant, linked, entangled, tied, connected, interwoven.
Antonyms: Opposed, distant, self-contained.

Use In Conversation: (kind of odd, but if you do need to use it...)

  • Dungeon Master: You walk through the gate on the Plane of Water, and appear on the Plane of Air, near the city of Agralia.
  • Player: So the Plane of Air and the Plane of Water are coterminous in this campaign?
  • DM: Yes.
  • Player: Are they coterminous in any other places, other than this portal we just traversed?
  • DM: Maybe, maybe not. You have some exploring to do....

For more, see the Manual of the Planes node.

Co*ter"mi*nous (k?-t?r"m?-n?s), a. [Cf. Conterminous.]

Bordering; conterminous; -- followed by with.


© Webster 1913.

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