The Special Education term for children who spend their entire days in special classrooms specifically for their needs. Many of the severely handicapped are often placed here. It is the bottom rung within placement, with por and ics above it. In New Jersey there have been attempts to completely phase out these classrooms because of the "social implications" for the children.

Self`-con*tained" (?), a.


Having self-control; reserved; uncommunicative; wholly engrossed in one's self.

2. Mach.

Having all the essential working parts connected by a bedplate or framework, or contained in a case, etc., so that mutual relations of the parts do not depend upon fastening outside of the machine itself.

Self-contained steam engine. (a) A steam engine having both bearings for the crank shaft attached to the frame of the engine. (b) A steam engine and boiler combined and fastened together; a portable steam engine.


© Webster 1913.

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