Some users get confused by the difference between "Bookmarks" and the Personal Nodelet. Both of these features of Everything2 allow users to add nodes they like to a list where they can refer to them as needed.

Bookmarks are added by clicking on "bookmark!" in the Epicenter nodelet when you are viewing the node you want to bookmark. When you do this, the bookmark is added to a list that shows up in your home node, and everyone can see this list. When you edit your home node (by clicking the "edit" link that appears when you view your own home node), you can remove any bookmarks you don't want to have there any more. The number of bookmarks is unlimited, and some users have bookmark lists that look like The Node Linked to All Others did on the original Everything, when the number of soft links per node was unlimited.

The Personal Nodelet is self-contained. You add links to it by clicking the link at the bottom of the nodelet when you are viewing the node you want to add. A link to that node is then added to the Personal Nodelet that is displayed every time you view a node on Everything. The Personal Nodelet is limited to 10 links, because it could really slow down Everything a lot if users had a Personal Nodelet with hundreds of links. To remove nodes from your Personal Nodelet, go to the User Settings page. Also use this page to turn on the display of the Personal Nodelet if you do not currently see it.

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