Also known as "Paper" because it usually beats "stone" and loses against "scissors".

The strategy of a replicator is to replicate and overwrite other warriors. The replicator contains a checksum as well, to kill other processes when overwritten.

Example replicator:

cnt EQU dt - src    ; number of code lines

init SPL 1          ; create exactly 6 on-line processes
     MOV -1, 0
     SPL 1

src  MOV #cnt, 0    ;source pointer. also inits line number
     MOV <src, <dst ;Copy 6 times (one full copy)
     SPL @0,#1222   ;split 6 times (from init) to addr 1222
     MOV dt, <-1    ;give more distance to next copy
     JMZ src, src   ; checksum, falls through if other warrior
     MOV 0, -1      ; self-destruct, enemies go here

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