Two types of these exist. The "stun bomber" and the "trapper". The stun bomber is like your average bomber, only it spreads SPL 0 / JMP -1 instructions instead of DATs. When a paper is hit by this, it stops replicating.

The other type bombs the core with JMP instructions to jump to a "pit". The enemy is forced to run the scissors' code (usually a self-destructive core clear).

 Example "trapper":

const EQU 5

     SPL 0	    ; prevent bombers from instant kill
main MOV ptr, @ptr  ; move ptr to location in ptr's B field
     ADD data, ptr  ; update ptr
     DJN main, <2333; jump back AND decrement core 

ptr  JMP trap, ptr  ; Jump to trap + pointer

trap SPL 1, -100    ; split self (replicator slows down)
     MOV data, <-1  ;core clear
     JMP -2         ; loop until killed (by self bombing)

data DAT #const, #-const

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