The Stargate SG-1 SciFi series, though much younger than Star Trek and with probably less psuedo-science terms, had grown to a level in which plot problems are solved by using repeating methods. I'll describe some of the methods that I've collected by watching the show. This is the Generic Stargate SG-1 problem solving guide.

  • Use a sarcophagus - Plain old method that was adopted from the movie. These wonderful devices can heal almost everything. One major problem is that the guys never get their hands on a working unit and manage not to destroy it somehow until the episode ends.

  • Close the iris - Sure, you would want to stop anything from reaching the event horizon of the wormhole and materialize on your side. Usually this only delays the problem, if the attacker uses some sort of energy weapon. There were a few cases where you hear 'bumps' on the other side of the closed iris, signaling a doomed passenger.

  • Use the other Stargate - Because one is just not enough. Another Stargate was recovered in Antarctica. This turned out useful when the guys wanted to close the wormhole to P3X-451 (see below) and save Earth. I am not sure how many times the 'old' Stargate was destroyed and replaced with the 'reserved' one. It could have been twice.

  • Get help from the Asgard or Tok'ra - Oh sure. Why not call the super-advanced Asgard to fix some mess we did. Doesn't work that way. The Asgard only help by surprise. It seems that almost every time the guys ask the Asgard for help, they get the usual "Sorry, Replicators are getting our ass kicked right now. C'ya around the galaxy" response.

  • Enhance with Naquaada - This Element can enhance A-Bombs and other stuff.

  • /dev/null, or: dial to P3X-451, the black hole - Why use staff weapons and zatnicketels, if you can just dial the universe' greatest sucker - a black hole? They have used this once to create a supernova.

  • Dial somewhere so that dial-ins get a busy call - It seems that whatever works for phone lines, works also for wormholes. This method prevents attackers from dialing to Earth as long as a worm hole is established to somewhere from Earth.

  • Insert a symbiote - Like a sarcophagus, this method helps to heal wounded or ill people (i.e, Jacob Carter).

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