They look just like you or me, but they're not really human! Hell, you can't be sure if anyone you meet is a real person or an artificial one! No one knows who they're working for or what their purpose is, but once you get 'em down and open 'em up, they don't have the usual goo inside -- just gears and dials and vacuum tubes and little steam-powered engines! It's all mechanical inside, almost like a robot -- except nobody makes robots like this!

You see, I've got one here! He was disguised as the mailman, but he wasn't really the mailman. There, see all those wires and cylinders and gears and pistons and -- what do you mean you can't see it? No, dammit, there's no blood, just springs and coils and -- Oh my God, you're one of them, aren't you? You're one of them!

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