A fragment of rock broken off, typically transported by an alluvial process or glaciation, and which may form part of a clastic sediment, also called detritus.

Clasts are often found embedded in or mixed with other rocks and ores. A layer formed of clasts is (I think) called a clast fabric.

The CLAST is the College Level Academic Skills Test, a requirement for graduation from community colleges or universities in the Florida state system. It consists of four sub-tests: essay, English language skills, reading, and mathematics. All but the essay are multiple choice.

Generally students take it during their second year, and in four-year universities students can't take more than a few upper-level courses without having passed it.. Since I was an undergraduate, an exemption program has been started where students who get good grades in certain math and English courses do not have to take the test itself; their grades are considered adequate proof of their skills.

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