Warranties don't cover a lot of things, such as damage due to floods or tornadoes. Sometimes insurance will pick up where they left off. But one thing is sure: nobody protects you from acts of God.

God is responsible for trillions of dollars worth of damage and suffering. Remember Sodom and Gamorrah? Two cities completely wiped out, and He didn't pay a cent to compensate them for their losses.

Let's not forget about damage due indirectly to God. Remember Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Sure, sure, you might blame the Americans on that one. But who Created the Americans? That's right, God did. How many died in the Crusades? How many in the Inquisition? All in the name of God.

God also owes you for all the annoyance you've dealt with over the years from Bible-thumpers and Evangelists. Who pays for your therapy when you end up cracking under the stress of Jesus Loves You but you're going to Hell? Certainly not God.

Let's face it, God must be made to pay. If He doesn't, we can repossess some of His stuff. Afterall, with all those Houses of God around the place, He'll have no problem paying us back.

In a related story, the Bavarian church recently tried to file a suit, on behalf of Jesus, against the German Christian Democratic Party for libel. Their position was that since the CDR was not following the principles of Jesus, they could not legitimately call themselves Christian.

The German high court, in a bemused ruling, struck down the lawsuit on the grounds that if Jesus was still alive as the Church believed, then He was perfectly capable of bringing the lawsuit Himself.

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