A contradiction.

Don't give me that "there are some people who can't drive while talking on the phone" BS.

No one can. Its dangerous. Distracting.
Just because you don't realize you're driving like shit doesn't mean you aren't. You are.

Hang up and DRIVE

A car phone is a cellular phone designed specifically to be mounted in a car, and usually powered by the car battery.

Ideally, it is only meant for emergencies: For example, if you are involved in a car accident and a regular phone is unavailable, the car phone can be a real life saver.

In real life, unfortunately, many people use their car phone as a status symbol. I used to have a friend who loved to show off all of his technology gadgets. Whenever he would drive his car and have a passenger, he would call someone on his car phone as soon as he started moving the car.

I always felt uneasy about that. For one, it was rude: He invites a friend for a ride, then starts a conversation with someone else.

More importantly, it is very dangerous: It distracts the driver. That way, a device meant to be a life saver in emergencies actually becomes an accident waiting to happen.

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