The soft, spongy tissue found in the centre of most large bones that produces the cellular components of blood: white cells, red cells and platelets.

If you are having problems with the rough numbers of one of those cell lines, there are several things that might be going wrong: marrow replaced by tumor or hyperproliferation of one cell type; cells killed by radiation; autoimmune destruction of the cells; poor nutrition; lack of production-stimulating factors from the endocrine system; or poor blood flow (and thus nutrients/oxygen) to the bone.

see also: allogeneic bone marrow transplant

A cardboard moving box, we
laughed at the idea of
throwing it away,
Marked "undesirable"

It's here that I can gently
place into catatonia these things:
A sketchbook, and a corkscrew, and
a rope

Can't fit a glacier in there
Can't fit no cancer
But I proved to myself I could
Quarantine laughter today.

Never would've guessed.

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