A skateboarding move that is incredibly underrated.

A bigspin consists of a backside 360 shuvit, while rotating yourself 180 degrees in the backside direction. Confused? I'll give it another try.

You're riding along, regular stance, and you make your board spin 360 degrees clockwise. While your board is in the air doing this, you are in the air above it and rotating 180 degrees in the same direction. Effectively, you end up riding switch with the same end of the board in front as before. Reverse the directions if you are goofy, like me.

The thing that makes a bigspin look so cool is that everything changes. The skater changes which direction he faces, instead of just pushing the board around underneath him, and the board is spinning too. Also, it can be done really low to the ground, because it's just a shuvit, there are no flips. They are just so cool, I really wish I could do one.

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