In old school skateboarding, saying you were into "technical" skating meant you could do caspers and bigspins pretty well. Now, it means that you try to skate like Daewon Song.

Daewon was born in Seoul, Korea on Feb. 19, 1975. When he was 13, a neighborhood kid gave lent him his board. He quickly got some money together and bought a used board. A few years later, a small skateboard company called Gemco came through on a demo tour. They saw him skate, and immediately signed him and took him back to the US. Today, he is the head of the Deca skateboard co., and is one of the most respected skaters in the industry.

Daewon's strengths are in complex flip tricks into and out of tough crooked grinds and bluntslides. Rumor is that he is afraid of handrails though, so he does most of them on picnic tables that are easily manipulated to be skateable.

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