A bluntslide is a pretty difficult skateboarding trick. It is a slide-type of stunt, and the approach is similar to a tailslide. But it's not.

In a tailslide, the tail is what is sliding, thus the name. In a bluntslide, it is the rear wheels that are the main point of contact. Now, when you hear this, you might think that if the wheels are in contact, isn't it just rolling, like a manual? Not if the wheels are sliding perpendicular to the direction they roll. Think of it like a powerslide, only just on the rear wheels, and usually on a ledge or rail of some sort.

You should be sliding along with only your rear wheels and the tail of your board touching the object. The majority of your weight should be on the wheels that are sliding. If you do bluntslides enough, your wheels will develop flat spots from sliding so much. If you want to see an example of a bluntslide, you have three options:

  1. Find a really good skater and become friends with them. Later, when your friend has their skateboard, ask them to perform a bluntslide on a parking curb. They will happily oblige.
  2. Beg/borrow/steal a skate video that has Daewon Song in it. He can do these all day long, and undoubtedly you will see him do at least one.
  3. Go play Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2. When approaching a rail or similar object, ollie and then hit down-down-triangle. You will see your skater of choice do a bluntslide, albeit incredibly unrealistically.

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