Two cans of Chef Boyardee are arguing with each other:

"The most scrumptious food
in the whole wide world
is Beefaroni."
"No, Beefaghetti."

I remember that dumb commercial that ran on Saturday mornings. My brother preferred Beefaghetti, or canned spaghetti with chunks of meatballish substance. My preference was Beefaroni, which was macaroni with the same meatballish substance. The macaroni was the same as the stuff you find in the boxes of Macaroni and Cheese, except decidedly squishier. Beefaroni held more of the sauce, probably made from leftover Love Canal wastewater and ground up electronic paste from the 4F bin at General Electric, with some tomato powder and sugar tossed in for flavor. They still make both food substances, and Walmart makes an even cheaper knockoff that I'd be afraid to open within city limits.

Iron Noder 2017

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