Professional wrestler Booker T's finishing move. Widely regarded as the most electrifying move in sports-entertainment today.


  • Beat opponent senseless
  • Knock opponent to the floor, preferably with a flying calf-kick
  • Get down on one knee
  • Hold right hand, with glove, up - fingertips to the sky, palm to face
  • Stare at right hand, eyes wide open
  • Tremble
  • Suddenly do a backspin, like in breakdancing
  • Finish in the same position, on one knee
  • Cover the oponent for the three count

You may wonder why this move is so devastating, as Booker T never actually makes physical contact with the oponent during the Spinaroonie. The move is somewhat like The Worm or The People's Elbow, in that the damage inflicted is far, far greater than that which would be caused by the physical act itself. The Spinaroonie, in fact, does away with the miniscule amount of damage that would be caused by a physical act, and instead devastates the opponent through the psycho-quantum-professional wrestling metaphysical effects. This same effect somehow seems to paralyze all opponents during the Spinaroonie itself, as Booker T is extremely vulnerable to attack during the execution of this move.

According to recent Chef Boyardee commercials, the Spinaroonie owes it's name to Beefaroni.

One of the wonders of modern professional wrestling.

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