Very, very thin spaghetti.

Soft, terribly straight. Delicately thin, never again have I gently run my fingers through such hair. Of the two that fall forth when I recall you. The other. You told me horrible things they had done to you, I only held your hand quietly. Later you told me how much that reponse had meant, though your eyes earlier said the same.

Also, a now-defunct emo/hardcore band from Boulder, Colorado. Characteristic of the Gravity Records sound, such as labelmates Heroin and Antioch Arrow, Angel Hair played fast, screamy, dark music. Most songs are in a minor key, with vocalist Sonny Kay sounding like a small animal in terror. Eventually moving to the Bay Area, Angel Hair disbanded, giving rise to the VSS, a hybrid of new wave and the Birthday Party. Also disbanded, two projects arose from the ashes of the VSS: Slaves (the VSS minus S. Kay), and Subpoena the Past, Kay's solo project.

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