The situation: I've made spaghetti, and served a portion (or two) onto a plate. I reach into the refrigerator for the sauce, only to discover I'm fresh out of it! But having already prepared and served the pasta, it needs to be eaten, and I don't feel like running to the convenience store for more sauce.

Here's a simple thing I like to do in situations like this, to make the pasta acceptable. It's not really a sauce, so much as a pesto. It takes only a minute to make. Measurements are not included; try it a few times to find the right amounts to suit your tastes.

Emergency spaghetti sauce

You'll need: Sprinkle the cheese over the pasta. The top of the pasta should be coated with cheese. Sprinkle lightly with basil and garlic, to taste. Then add about 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil (don't measure it, just pour it directly) and mix it up. After mixing, add more ingredients if it seems to need it. Enjoy!

Other quick suggestions:

  • Use fresh basil, chopped garlic and shredded cheese for better flavor.
  • Add pine nuts, if you have them handy.

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