Zennor is a small vilage of around 250 people that lies four and a half miles to the west of St. Ives in Cornwall. The fifteen century curch is decicated to Saint Senara and which features a bench end carving of the Mermaid of Zennor. At nearby Zennor Hill there was a granite quarry from much of the stone used to build St. Ives, Falmouth Harbour and Zennor itself was taken.

The author D.H. Lawrence lived at Zennor for a time and described it as "the most beautiful place, lovelier even than the Mediterranean", but was forced to leave as the locals suspected him and his wife of being spies and passing messages to German U-boats. It was also one of the last places in Cornwall where the Cornish language was spoken.

heyoka says just a thought but it might be worth mentioning a couple of things useful to visitors: that zennor's got a good hostel, a decent pub, and is right on the coastal path

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