Henry Stauf is a character in the 7th Guest. He is the owner of the mansion that plays host to all manner of games and puzzles. He also has that weird gothic vibe that leads me to think that he was entirely underdeveloped as a character.

Stauf was a toymaker, and seemingly a very good one. The house stands as his greatest achievement.

Soon after its creation, Stauf invited 6 Guests to marvel at his brilliance. However, through some strange quirk of fate they became locked inside. That night, the children that had loved his toys began dying and now the place is reputed to be haunted by "eerie lights and the terrible sing-song rhymes of the children"

Stauf just seems to be the quintessential unknown evil - a toymaker gone insane.
Of course, all of that is why I chose this particular name (well, that, and I've only ever found that it'd been taken by someone else once).

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