Here are some Cornish places with their names and some meanings in the original language...

Cornwall -> Kernow 
Bodmin -> Bosvenegh "Monks' Place"
Boscastle -> Kastell Boterel "Boterel's Castle"
Bostallack -> Bostalek "Talek's Dwelling"
Bude -> Bud
Callington -> Kelliwik
Camborne -> Kammbronn
Camelford -> Ryskammel "Crossing of the River Camel"
Cardinham -> Kardhinan
Carn Brea -> Karnbre "Hill Tor"
Creed -> Krida
East Taphouse -> Diwotti Est
Falmouth -> Aberfal "Mouth of River Fal"
Feock -> Lannfiek
Fowey -> Fowydh "Beech Grove"
Godolphin Cross -> Krows Wodolghan
Gwinear -> Sen Gwynnyer
Hayle -> Heyl "Estuary"
Helston -> Hellys "Old Court"
Kea -> Sen Ke "Saint Ke"
Land's End -> Penn an Wlas "Head of Land"
Landewednack -> Lanndewynnek "Church Site of St. Wynnek"
Launceston -> Lannstefan "Holy Place of St Stephen"
Liskeard -> Lyskerrys "Court of Kerrys"
Lizard -> Lysardh "Court on a high place"
Lostwithiel -> Lostwydhyel "End of the Forest"
Madron -> Eglosvadern
Mawgan -> Sen Mowgan "Saint Morgan"
Menheniot -> Mahunyes
Morvah -> Morvedh "Sea Grave"
Penrose -> Pennros "End of Heath"
Penryn -> Pennrynn "End of Valley"
Penzance -> Pennsans "Holy Headland"
Perranarworthal -> Pyran ar Woethel "Piran and Worhtal"
Polperro -> Porthpyra "Pyra's Port"
Redruth -> Rysrudh "Red Ford"
Seaton (Zellah) -> Seythyn "Dry Place"
Sithney -> Sen Sydhni "Saint Sidhni"
St Austell -> Sen Ostell "Saint Ostell"
St Cleer -> Sen Kler "Saint Kler"
St Ives -> Porthia "Ia's harbour"
Tintagel -> Tre war Venydh/Dintagel "Fort on a Narrow Headland"
Truro -> Truru "Three Rivers"
Zennor -> Sen Senar "Saint Senar"

A note on pronounciation of the Cornish: although most letters are pronounced vaguely similarly in Cornish than English, important differences are

  • 'dh' in Cornish: this is similar to the Welsh 'dd', or the 'th' in English 'leaTHer'.
  • Any double letter tends to be repeated or pronounced for slightly longer than it would be in English: eg 'Lysker'rys'.
  • The stressed syllable in Cornish is usually on the penultimate syllable: eg LysKERrys, DinTAgel. This has often carried through into the Anglicised name of the place as well - TinTAgel, BosTALlack.

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