At Zellers the stock is placed on the shelves in a standard way as dictated by the Head Office. The particular placement of products is achieved through the use of a 2 dimensional plan (planogramme).

The planogramme consists of 2 major parts. A visual representation of the shelves, with the products depicted by numbered shapes, and a detailed list of the products with numbers corresponding to the numbered items in the first part.

'Doing a planogramme' involves taking the items listed and placing them on the shelves such that the finished product looks like it does on the plan.

Typically the planogramme is accompanied by a list of the items that have been discontinued, and a list of the new items that you might not have with you just then (but that you still need to leave a space for on the shelf).

I once had to place an item that was 6"x6" on the planogramme, but was labeled '10" Glue Sticks'. Guess what! The package these 10" Glue Sticks came in was larger than 6" or even 8.5" (if they had put 'em in the pack diagonally).

Part of doing a plan is improvisation.. if it looks sort of ok, then it's right.

As you can imagine, it's about as fun as sorting coins, or the second watching of an Ernest "does something" movie.

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