Four words that can make any classic adventure gamer fret in frustration. It was especially a popular phrase in the adventure games released by Sierra On-Line, anno circa 1980-1990. To perform certain actions, the onscreen character had to be more or less exactly in the right spot, or the game couldn't perform the necessary animations - or piss you off properly.

Later games solved the problem by simply making the game character move to the right spot on his/her own, instead of waiting for the player to do it.

It is a phrase that has been burnt into the minds of many young adventure gamers, such as myself. One particular episode I remember, which brings sweat to my brow everytime I think of it, was in Space Quest 3, where you had to be at the exact spot inside the Mog Statue to throw the pulley at the Arnoid droid. Feel free to add your own "You're not close enough" stories.

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