Home of New York City's Yankees; "The House That Ruth Built", circa 1923. A baseball venue of legends and champions. Mid-70s renovations shrunk the giant outfield - it was once 461 feet to dead center. George Steinbrenner, who plays state and local officials like a violin, would like to move the team from this Mecca, since its Bronx neighborhood is now far-from-posh. But attendance now is among the highest in MLB; muggers aren't hurting business.

Though named for the Yankees, the stadium was also the home of the football New York Giants for many decades (the legendary 1958 NFL Championship game against the Baltimore Colts, played there, put the league on the big-time sports map for good), before the lure of subsidies landed them in their own New Jersey stadium. Prior to its 70s renovations, The Stadium hosted college football games, boxing (the second Louis/Schmeling and first Patterson/Johansson bouts, et al), concerts, Billy Graham crusades, and Pope Paul VI, who celebrated Mass there.

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