Y107 was a radio station in LA which played alternative music, and was similar to KROQ although possibly a bit 'softer'. It was probably somewhere between KROQ and 'star' on the alternativeness scale. Y107 started out in the mid 90s and was cool for a bit because it was the only radio station that had no DJ's. Actually, they did have a DJ but he didn't talk at all, which resulted in more music, which was cool. Their little plug was 'We're not even famous enough to have a DJ'.. They also were known for billboards which said 'We're Not Even Famous In (insert town here)' which were scattered around the Los Angeles area. (this was in response to the '[World Famous KROQ') Their little mottif was a green and silver shiny thing which looked a little bit too much like KROQ's sticker.

At some point they ended up having DJs like all the other stations, and stopped being interesting. Their quality of music played slowly declined and one day (in early 2000 i think) i returned to LA and found it replaced by a Spanish station. Thus ended the brief existance of Y107, but it lives on in similar stations like KWOD in Sacramento (which has a very similar sticker)

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