One of the better inventions of convenience stores.

The Xtreme Gulp, a 7-Eleven product, is a big car mug used to store beverages from the Big Gulp machines. It's big, it's insulated, it only costs 89 cents to refill, and it's a bright red color that can be seen from miles around, just screaming out, "Look, I've got 52 ounces of pure caffeinated drink in here, who wants to mess with me?"

I love my Xtreme Gulp.

As a tech support rep for Earthlink, I can sit at my desk, in my cube, for hours on end, never having to expend the additional energies required to refill my 52 oz mug of caffeinated goodness. Bear in mind that the recommended serving size for Mountain Dew is 12 oz. This gives me over 4 whole servings of my beverage of choice. Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta...

This mug is beautiful. It's heavily insulated, which keeps my drink cold, but negates the annoying puddle of water that accumulates under normal cups. My old cup used to sweat like a prison guard getting ass-raped on a hot day in hell.

My only complaint is this: The mug is covered with NASCAR racing pictures. I hate NASCAR. This blatant advertisement nearly kept me from purchasing this gift of the gods. However, fear not! Behold, ye feeble-minded masses! I have discovered a great thing. Once, after owning my big gulp for 3 weeks, I decided to lug it home and run it through the dish washer, to remove the weeks of built up green slime, backwash, and saliva from its surfaces. After its wet run through the cleaners, I noticed part of Kyle Petty's face was missing. This got me thinking.

Ten washings later, Tony Stewart is gone.
Kyle Petty is rapidly fading.

Soon, soon, the cup will be blemish free. And all mine.

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