Remote X server for Windows, akin to Exceed (tho not as good, IMHO), and equally useful when your roomie is getting some and you have work to do.

X-Win32 is really useful to those of us who should be running Unix or Linux, but just can't give up our fancy games or wordprocessing utilities. It utilizes the ability of Unix to divert the display to another IP address. That means that you can cause your favorite Unix machine to shoot its user interface over to your monitor. You can then use your Windows-based computer just like you would use the machine you're logged into if you were actually at the console itself.

I have personally found this useful at school where I often like to do my programming at home but prefer the facilities of the labs like DCL. Also, it's very useful at work when I need to go into a bunch of code that's located on one of the Unix machines in the building. This wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't forced to use a Windows machine for my tech-writing of Adobe Framemaker. X-Win32 allows me to basically run Linux AND Windows at the same time, giving me most of the functionality of both! Yay!

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