The primary holiday for any and all SubGeniuses. More specifically, this is the most important event among followers of the Church of the SubGenius. This is also the most important event in human history that never happened. Since 1953, the Church of the SubGenius was founded on the principles taught by a vacuum cleaner salesman named J. R. "Bob" Dobbs, who predicted among other things that on July 5th, 1998, X-ists would arrive on Earth via flying saucers and would destroy the planet, after causing endless torment to boring normal people and simultaneously resucing SubGenius followers and anyone they happened to like at the time. The church promised a seat on said flying saucers to any Followers In Bob who paid their dues and joined the church.

In the summer of 1998, a large congregation of followers made their way to a campground in western New York state and held a devival, as they awaited the fateful moment on the morning of July 5th 1998. They partied all weekend and participated in many questionable activities as they celebrated the coming of this Rupture. However, the morning of July 5th came and went and nary a flying saucer was spotted, except for the fascimiles that were constructed by the more creative and less plastered participants.

When that moment came and went, the followers dutifully turned on their religion's leaders and puppet heads, most notably among them was the Sacred Scribe of the church, none other than Reverend Ivan Stang. They tarred and feathered their unholy holy man, carried him to a nearby pond and threw him in. One would think this would signify the end of one of the most artistically influential cults in the history of humankind. However, it was only the beginning.

Surviving his tar and feathering, Stang stood before his congregation soaking wet and not unlike a skinned cat, at which point he then informed his followers that there are many explanations regarding why the X-ists missed their self-imposed deadline. He conjectured that "Bob" purposefully scammed all his followers, which would be in keeping with his personality. Stang suggested that the sacred scriptures may have been translated upside down, and that the end of the world will actually happen in the year 8991 (or 8661 as a fellow superior mutant recently pointed out to me). Furthermore, he questioned mankind's very interpretation of temporal physics when he suggested that maybe 1998 hasn't actually happened yet.

Among these and other excuses, many followers found themselves satisfied, and to this day, every July 5th weekend, the followers and their followers once again congregate in the wild woods of upstate New York, awaiting that fateful day when the aliens will arrive to enforce a stark fist of removal to the pinko enemies of all SubGeniuses, while they themselves will be rewarded for their loyalty by having opportunity with the multi-breasted whores who are believed to writhe enthralled on the flying saucers. Most importantly though, they get together to party and have fun, which is ultimately what any good religion worth its salt should be all about.
"11: I wish this place called school would just disappear.
Don Protector (Fox): yeah, yeah.
Jangalian: This is a jail. We're under house arrest five days a week.
Bang bang. Let me out of here.
Polaris: That sounds pretty good.
Should we get rid of it, then?"

"Try to imagine it. One day when everyone goes to the school, it'll be a mountain of rubble. The place will be totally destroyed."

"Just like that? Sounds like magic."

"That's right. Just like magic."

A manga by Setona Mizushiro. The main characters meet in a chatroom on their school computers and discuss how much they hate school, then they decide to blow it up. One of the users, Polaris, creates a private chatroom for them and they become online friends. Each of the characters has a serious problem in their life: the main character, Rika, is known by the username "11" because she used to be a star pole vaulter for her school's team but she was injured and decided to quit the team. Her locker number, 11, as well as her staring spot on the team and her boyfriend were taken by another girl, and she feels as if she has lost her place. The ringleader of the group, Polaris, is a shy girl who only feels normal and able to take part in social situations when dressed in the Gothic Lolita style she wears to feel closer to her favorite band, Jupiter's Tale. Mr. Money is a boy in the year below Rika's who is abused by his mother and bears a scar in the shape of cherry blossoms on his shoulders, like the Japanese fairytale "Mr. Money from the far mountain." (I was unable to find anything about this fairytale, but the characters all seem to know it. The translation was probably done strangely or something. If you know what it's referring, to, please let me know.) The final member of the group is the biology teacher, who is known as "Jangalian" after his favorite hamster breed, is unable to deal with the politics at the school and the unwanted advances of the school chancellor's daughter.

As the story goes on, the characters slowly collect fireworks while they become closer to one another, and the manga focuses more on the reasons behind the decision to try to blow up the school and how those problems can be solved than actually committing the act. Blowing up the school becomes kind of an excuse to bring them together, they never actually do it. It's a very good interpersonal manga i'd recommend to fans of series' like Confidential Confessions or Paradise Kiss or people who like teen "issue" novels and are looking to start a manga collection. The series is two volumes, making it a cheap buy at around 20 dollars in the U.S. and includes an extra story called "The Last Supper" about a young boy who has a pet anthropomorphic cow who can be eaten to cure a plague that is ravaging the countryside.

"Our lives were probably meaningless to most people... Still, at any moment one of us could commit an X-day."

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