Worthing is a medium sized seaside resort about 11 miles West of Brighton, on the south coast of England. It lies almost directly under London. Good access is afforded by both the A27 and the A24. The A259 coastal road also runs through Worthing, providing access to the local nearby towns and villages. There is also a railway line running through, with three railway stations; West Worthing, East Worthing and Central Worthing. Trains run frequently to and from major cities such as Southampton, Brighton, and London. Worthing is also close to Shoreham Airport, and so aviation access is afforded.

Interests and activities:

Worthing has many attractions available throughout the seasons. The most popular is the seaside, as Worthing has a fairly large pier. Another popular pastime is shopping, as Worthing is home to many shops and supermarkets, such as Tesco, Sainsbury's and Safeway. There are many much smaller shops around Worthing, many of which are grouped together, such as in Broadwater, Goring and Durrington. There is a shopping complex at the town centre, this being the Guildbourne Centre. This has its own parking above it.

Worthing is also home to all kinds of nightlife, including a cinema, which is of some historical importance, a number of pubs and an increasing number of nightclubs.

Worthing has a large sports complex in Durrington, as well as a swimming pool and public baths by the beach. Next to the swimming pool is an outdoor pool. A promenade runs partway along the beach, ending at a tourist spot known as Splash Point. A golf course and boating lake reside at Brooklands Park, also by the beach. Another golf course lies directly off the A24 within Worthing itself. There are several parks around Worthing (Namely Homefield Park, Beach House Park and Broadwater Green), as well as a bowling green.

Another beauty spot is the South Downs, which runs along the top of Worthing. Access is via several car parks at well-known locations such as Cissbury Ring and Chanctonbury Ring.

Worthing also has a medium sized hospital, complete with helicopter landing pad. Two police stations and a fire station are also present.

Business aspects:

Worthing is home to a number of large businesses. Several large industrial and commercial parks are present, as well as large-scale businesses such as a pharmaceutical plant and a telephone exchange. As Worthing is also a retirement area, there are several nursing homes and retirement homes.

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