Mind-bending beats. Reality-altering harmonies. Complete and utter musical insanity.

Am I the only one salivating right now?

If I'm not, then there are people reading this who need to be aquainted with the bass-driven goodness that is Wizzy Noise.

Known throughout the psy-trance community as the 'Dynamic Duo from Greece', Wizzy Noise has been rocking dance floors all over the world for over five years now. Combining the jaw-rattling basslines and four-on-the-floor beats of hard psychedelia, along with frenetic tribal drumlines and twisting, unpredictable melodies, Wizzy Noise has been pushing hard to avoid the stagnation of much electronica, and pushing even harder to bring innovation and style to their work.

Unfortunately, writing about music is like dancing about architecture, and trying to describe the "Wizzy Sound" is assuredly an exercise in frustration as well as vocabulary. It may be helpful to know that they are influenced by the electro, breakbeat, industrial, and metal genres, which they work beautifully into their psy-trance.

The two members of the group are Mickey Noise and Uriel. Mickey Noise has been involved in creating electronica since he was 14. Uriel had established a career as a programmer and systems analyst before turning towards the much more fulfilling career of producing psy-trance. The two met in Thessaloniki in 1998, and apparently the "click" was very nearly audible. After six years of production together, this "click" is now quite blatantly audible.

Mickey and Uriel tour like mad, but unfortunately, their travels rarely bring them to the US. This month they are booked to play in Russia, Israel, and Mexico, and their agenda for this year includes Australia, Sweden, Greece, Japan and (joy!) New York.

Mixing their music can be very fun and very frustrating at the same time. Your beatmatching had best be dead-on, as the staccato drumlines of their mid-range beats are very easy to notice if they slip out of sync, even if only slightly so. Also, their music is so good and so full-on that it can actually be very difficult to follow one of their tracks with something that can maintain the energy level. I currently have *WAY* too much Wizzy Noise in my playlist, and I'm ashamed to say that there have been several times that I have played four or five of their tracks back-to-back. I'm addicted, dammit. It is also worth mentioning that after a couple of weeks with my copy of their Elecktro Theater CD, I actually told my fiance that if, God forbid, we ended up not working out, that I would be marrying that CD instead. It's just that goddamn good.




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